Alchemical Shiatsu

Marina Ichikawa: Alchemical Shiatsu and Healing Arts

Toulon, PACA, France

Alchemical Shiatsu
Shiatsu is the healing art of touch. With Alchemichal Shiatsu I enter an energetic relationship with my clients where healing can take place. My working tools include  light body work, the principles of yin and yang, the meridian and chakra systems, the 5 elements (or stages), sacred geometry,  the 6 directions and the medicine wheel / tree of life, vibrations of the drum and the rattle and the Rites of Munay-ki. These techniques allow me to connect to the person’s energetic field, their history and traumata. Out of a place of stillness and spaciousness the person can be addressed in her/his wholeness as a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual being.

alchemical shiatsu flow by M.Ichikawa

alchemical shiatsu – flow by M.Ichikawa


My awareness of space, energy and form calls for expression via calligraphy and sculpturing. In my calligraphy, I allow flow to happen, watching the dance of mystery, listening to the soul of the brush. Working with clay I connect to the Earth, to the stories of the past and future. As I watch the emergence of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies, the clay comes alive, mutating into shapes and forms that are often symbolic and ethnographic.

alchemical shiatsu - buddha nature by M.Ichikawa

alchemical shiatsu – buddha nature by M.Ichikawa