Marina Ichikawa

Marina Ichikawa, PhD, MRSS

marina ichikawa

Marina Ichikawa

My current life started in Vienna, Austria, in a multi-cultural environment which provided for me a perfect ground for refining a diversity of interests. Through my PhD thesis in marine biology I could give scientific sense to my ecosystem vision, my post-grad study in Japan introduced me into east-asian culture, the many years of martial arts training (Karatedo Doshinkan) guided me to integrate asian philosophy into my life, my work with indigenous people in Siberia made me recognise the interconnectedness of all and made me understand that we are all one.doshinkan

Out of this professional framework i started to get interested in the role and the dynamics of vital energy which ultimately lead me into the holistic healing arena. Out of my martial arts background, my love for body work and movement, my scientific basis in the organisation and functioning of life, my link to Japan, my compassion for the suffering of beings and my vocation for healing I undertook my shiatsu training in Bristol, UK (Bristol School of Shiatsu) and graduated from the Shiatsu College.Shiatsu-college

I am continuously working on my further professional development via post-grad studies (tutors: Nicola Pooley and Mercedes Nunez) and courses in the UK and other European countries.


marina ichikawa

Recent further training:

° Shiatsu and the Light Body (2013) with Nicola Pooley and Gabriella Poli

° Light Body and DNA (2014) with Nicola Pooley

° Munay-ki, initiation into the 9 Rites, by Iya Oshun (2014)

° Compagnonnage Chamanique (2014 ongoing)

Because of my high school education with emphasis on arts, music and visual arts have always been an integrative way of expression and for finding my energetic equilibrium. Calligraphy art work in particular started to be part of my life in 2001 when i met my teacher Kazuaki Tanahashi. Since then, brush painting is part of my meditation and my energy work which both fuels my Shiatsu practice. My interest in sculpturing emerged out of my shiatsu and energy work.DSC_0143_web