Alchemical Shiatsu


Generally speaking, alchemy is an ancient practice rooted in a spiritual worldview in which everything around us contains a universal spirit. In the west, alchemy was the medieval forerunner of chemistry and was concerned with the transformation of matter. In the east, particularly in China, alchemy  is a concept of Taoist body-spirit cultivation, recorded down from the 2nd century BC till the present day. “External alchemy” (Weidan) is based on the compounding of elixirs through the mixing and blending of natural substances and the heating of ingredients in a crucible. “Internal alchemy” (Neidan) , on the other hand, aims to produce an elixir within the alchemist’s person, using the primary components of the cosmos and the human being as ingredients.

pi stone


In my practice, I work with the transformation of energetic fields and states in order to achieve balance, well-being and health – this is what I refer to as alchemical shiatsu. My ingredients include light body work, the principles of yin and yang, the meridian and chakra systems, the 5 elements (or stages), sacred geometry,  the 6 directions and the medicine wheel / tree of life, vibrations of the drum and the rattle and the Rites of Munay-ki. Whereas alchemists used and still use cauldrons and cooking utensils to achieve this transmutation, i use physical techniques through touch and off-body techniques to connect to the different energetic bodies and entities relevant to the patient for inviting transformation.

my rattle

rattle (M. Ichikawa)