Sculptures for healing

My clay sculptures are rooted in the healing that takes place during my Shiatsu sessions and beyond: in my dreams; in my connection with my family and ancestors; with nature or simply in my daily life. My sculptures can also emerge from the personal history of a client who wishes to be helped allowing healing themes to emerge and to become manifest.

Sculptures for healing

oubli / oblivion / vergessen by Marina Ichikawa

Working in clay for me means touching the Earth, which is my home, my base, my nourishment,  the centre,  the hearth, the place symbolising birth and death,  origin and decay – thus embodying both past and future. When I work with clay I journey back to my own or somebody else’s roots as well as touching the future. Watching the emergence of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies, clay becomes alive, mutates into shapes and forms that are often symbolic and ethnographic. My aim in this process is to witness the birth of the spiritual power inhabiting the sculptures, to enable connection to the healing theme and to allow the subconscious mind flow into a physical form.

Consequently, it is the journey of creation and the message delivered through the sculpture that is important for me and not the degree of sophistication or elaboration of all details.

Themes for my sculptures are the subconscious mind,  the expression of healing stories and family patterns. My sculptures are symbols for compassion, comfort and protection, as well as assisting as companions for travelling in past/future lives. They often serve as a means to connect to something deeper, ineffable and still invisible.

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