My practice of alchemical shiatsu

For me, Alchemical Shiatsu is the art of presence and connection where healing does not
take place by doing but by allowing transformation to happen.

energetic landscape_webMy practice is an energy-based body work where receivers can find their peace, moments of stillness and harmony beyond time and space, deep relaxation, establishing a healthy state of balance and recharging their energy. Each individual is an entity of physical, emotional and spiritual energetic qualities which go beyond the physiological and anatomical context of the human body.chakras_m

As in Zen, my starting point for every treatment is the empty space with a mind not occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything (mu shin 無心 Japanese, meaning “without mind”). Out of this place of stillness and spaciousness, presence and awareness can arise which favour the awakening of becoming conscious of the receiver`s own deep healing potential.

As each person is unique, so are the symptoms of imbalance, which are the materialisation of deeper energetic disturbances. Therefore, each person needs a unique, understanding and compassionate approach which honours the person’s different energetic qualities and states.

My alchemical Shiatsu work is a tool for transformation because it does not just work on the whole person as a physical body, but also as a psychological, emotional and spiritual being. My intention is to mirror to each person the deep inner layer of their being, where life and healing are the same thing.

my drum

drum (M. Ichikawa)

Through presence and connection we establish a capacity to enter a particular energetic relationship with the person receiving the Shiatsu which transforms and heals deep wounds we carry as human beings. By touching someone`s being we enter a soul connection which is beyond technique, cognition and control. This is where the dance with the mystery starts to unfold.