Your session


Ichikawa Alchemical Shiatsu Dinan, Brittany

I am working in the Toulon area, in the south of France. Your session of Alchemical Shiatsu takes place at your home or at a place of your choice where you feel safe and protected, where you can relax and fully express yourself and where we can discuss your current condition of health and well-being. Apart from receiving an Alchemical Shiatsu treatment, we will have the opportunity to discuss lifestyle, exercise and diet and we might include relaxation and other self-help techniques that you can practise at home. During the first session I will assess your present state of health and well-being by putting questions about your personal and medical history, your symptoms, your lifestyle, your wishes and expectations. Because everybody and each moment is unique, treatments vary according to those unique needs and states – sometimes they might be rather physical involving movement and stretches, at other times you might experience a more still and tranquil session.

Practical information

My sessions usually last between an hour and an hour and a half. The session takes place on a futon, but it is also possible to receive Shiatsu in a sitting position on a chair. The patient remains fully clothed. Loose, comfortable clothes (no belts), if possible in cotton or other natural fibres, are recommended.


Apart from communication through touch I can offer sessions in French, English, German and Russian languages.


For more information or to book an appointment please contact me under or you can likewise use the contact form.